Materials as heirlooms


The materials used in KEEPSAKE were once an important element in the making or function of something else. After being separated from their former operation, they appear to lose purpose and by extension, their value. 



Materials — sterling silver, reclaimed wood, glass pearls, steel pin

Degradation begins to eat away at their appearance and functional usefulness. Leather and suede become thin and stale. Rust consumes steel hardware. Wood succumbs to cracks and splinters. In turn, value is apparently nullified.

Materials — sterling silver, rusty washer



Materials — steel, suede, sheepskin

I treat these materials as heirlooms. Their history promotes their future. I change found objects, design around them, while maintaining honesty about their age. Silver, nickel, and steel become supporting elements to the dignity of decay. The resultant disparity between perceived material value and contextual value as jewelry creates a space in which both can be reevaluated.



Materials — steel, canna lily seeds

Materials — sterling silver, cotton cord, pipe fitting

Materials — sterling silver, nickel, eyeshadow

Materials — sterling silver, wood

Materials — sterling silver, hex nut

Materials — sterling silver, glass pearls



Materials — sterling silver, nickel, leather, steel mesh

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